Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Pack em in like sardines!

The office I occupy in Lib Dem HQ, Cowley St, is next door to the "board room" - the big meeting room. So I was intrigued on Tuesday when I saw a large number of saville row suits walking into the room. Intrigued enough to go and investigate. The Liberty Network were having a meeting - or rather a Leadership hustings. If the Lib Dems have an exclusive club, this must be it (other than of course the tranquil surroundings of the plush National Liberal Club). Liberty Network has an entry fee of a grand. No I'm not a member! The meeting was a case of packing them in like sardines. Standing room only.

So in came the leadership candidates: Ming the Mercifully Nice, Chris "Dark Horse" Huhne and President Hughes. Now less than a month to go of meetings, hand shaking and repeating the hustings speeches. Mind you, the number of emails from supporters of the different candidates could seriously over fill your inbox. Still, I would rather have that than the flood of spam emails I've had today with offers of software to block, well spam email as it turns out.

Gerry Foley from Tyne Tees TV called me this morning. He wants me on their politics programme tomorrow to talk about ID cards. So I spent an afternoon pestering Victoria, the Lib Dem policy officer who deals with home affairs, to send me some background information. I think she got fed up with my asking. End result is a huge amountof info which I'll have to read tonight. Bang goes that idea I had of spending a few hours on that addictive pastime of attempting Su Doku puzzles (I got a book of them for a Christmas pressie).

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Rob F said...

In all fairness, because of the size of that backdrop at the front, and the usual piles of crap at the back of the room, you can't get 10 people in there without "cramming them in" ;)