Sunday, June 07, 2009

Fiona re-elected in North East

I was at the Gateshead count where we got just under 9000 votes to Labour's 13,000. UKIP were 3rd and the Tories 4th. I got home and waited nervously for the North East result to be declared.

Our fear was that Fiona Hall could lose out to the UKIP surge. Fiona only just won her seat last time round from Labour. Once the picture of Labour collapse was clear, we knew Labour were not the risk this time. As it turned out, Fiona was re-elected with a comfortableish majority. UKIP did surge butt not by enough. Delighted to see her back in.

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Daniel said...

YOU waited nervously, I thought I was going to have a coronary!

Well done Fiona, good to see you back.

kevin scott said...

Jonathan seems a little coy about the disclosing the full results in Gateshead, so, in the interests of freedom of information, here goes:

Labour: 13,196
Lib Dem: 8,873
UKIP: 6,387
Con: 5,725
BNP: 4,062
Green: 2,435
English Dem: 1,030
Socialist Lab: 911
No to EU: 637
Christian: 544
Libertas: 234
Jury Team: 160