Saturday, December 19, 2009

Don't walk away, make it the start

Copenhagen's outcome is a huge disappointment. The stakes are high and the cost of failure is enormous. Ambitions before the conference were very high. But we must not stop now. We may not have got the binding treaty we need but we have the foundations for an agreement that cannot come too soon. So whilst Copenhagen is very disappointing in what it has produced, we can build on the agreements we have reached.

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neil craig said...

Good for China. They didn't flinch & have saved us all from almost all of this eco-fascist parasitism (well except the bits we Europeans have insisted on saddling ourselves with). Continued world growth is assured even if our government continues to promote recession.

This may be the moment when China, supported by India & Brazil, has become the world's dominant power - not because they have done so well but because we have done so badly.