Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rumours of a Labour bust up

A special council cabinet meeting had been scheduled for today (Tuesday) with a special council scheduled for Thursday. One item on the agenda of each: Gateshead Council's redundancy policy. Both ourselves and the Labour group had meetings scheduled to take place last night. But around midday yesterday, we were sent a message to tell us that the meetings had been cancelled. Clearly something had cropped up.

The group meetings still went ahead and afterwards I got a more interesting twist on what may have caused the cancellations. I hear on the grapevine of unhappiness in the Labour group. Apparently the comradely brothers and sisters are doing a bit of proverbial knife sharpening. Some may want to place their nicely sharpened implements into the dorsal areas of some of their comrades who don't share their trade union colleagues' direction of travel. I will believe it when it happens. After all, they need: 1)an alternative bunch of leaders; 2)an alternative policy. Neither appears to be available.

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