Saturday, November 05, 2011

Having my cake and eating it

Sunniside Methodist Chapel are always happy to see me at their fairs and I always make it a personal requirement to go to them. They are a useful source for plants for the allotment and garden and for cakes. And so this morning, when I was there, I bought their entire stock of wild strawberries. At the cake stall, I mentioned I needed some cake to eat on the train to London this afternoon. This resulted in a series of very persuasive cake sellers encouraging me to buy a wide variety of homemade goodies. £13 later and David and I were stocked up with cake to keep us going for months. Back home I cut a large piece of walnut cake and put it into my bait box for the train journey. Alas, I ate the cake at Newcastle Station. I'm now reduced to eating the food I made myself. The train arrives in London in a couple of hours.
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