Sunday, July 01, 2012

100,000 Flickr viewings

Hollinside Manor in snow Jan 10 no 17

A milestone reachd on my Flickr account today. My photos have now been viewed 100,000 times. In addition, there have been 20,000 viewing of my photo stream and 14,000 viewings of my sets.

The most viewed photo is the one above. It is Hollinside Manor in the snow, taken a couple of years ago. Someone seems to have linked to it or embedded it on a website but unfortunately the stats don't say who. If anyone stumbles across it, please tell me.

The Flickr site can be viewed at

My 2nd most viewed photo (1003 viewings)  is of this baobab tree I took on the tiny Indian Ocean island of Mayotte in December 2007:

Mayotte baobab tree Dec 07 no 4

3rd most viewed (641 viewings) is of this chameleon in the jungles of Madagascar, again from December 2007:

Madagascar chameleon Dec 07 No 1

4th most viewed (374 viewings) was taken in the Roman City of Jerash in Jordan in June 2008:

Jerash June 08 no 108

And 5th most viewed (358 viewings) was taken in October 2006 at the former Soviet secret nuclear submarine base in the Crimea in the Ukraine:

Balaklava nuclear submarine base Oct 06 no 130

There are a further 4,393 photos but life is too short to list them!

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