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Whickham Community Festival

Whickham Festival June 13 (19)

Saturday saw the second annual Whickham Community Festival. organised by a group called Light Up Whickham. The group aims to bring more people to Whickham Village centre to boost business vitality and to raise funds for the Village's Christmas lights. I am a member of the group and am pleased to say that my proposal for the theme for this year - a medieval fayre - was taken up. It was my job, with Cllr John McClurey last Thursday, to put up the bunting and on Saturday itself, I ran a stall to promote Marley Hill Community Centre and the produce I sell at the Allotment Cafe I run there once a month.

As we were having a medieval village duck pond (actually a pick a duck paddling pool for kids, sadly minus the ducking stool I suggested we could use!) I brought down to Whickham my ducklings, which are now a month old. They were the stars of the festival, in a cage next to the "pond". We nearly didn't get the cage there. It was bigger than we thought. We eventually found a way of squeezing it inside our Defender.

The festival was a success. Lots of people came along and lots of cash was raised for the Christmas lights. Everyone went away happy at the end of the day. Alas, my plans to dress as a medieval monk came to nothing as I simply ran out of time to make a costume.

Whickham Festival June 13 (6)

Councillors Marilynn Ord and Peter Maughan who ran the raffle.

Whickham Festival June 13 (12)

Councillor Sonya Hawkins in medieval dress.

Whickham Festival June 13 (18)

We reckon Cllr Peter Craig's outfit was Georgian, not medieval!

Whickham Festival June 13

Sales of my homemade jam paid for the Marley Hill Community Centre table!

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