Saturday, November 16, 2013

At the North East Lib Dem Conference

North East Lib Dem conference Nov 13 3

I attended the North East Lib Dem regional conference in Newcastle today. A good speech by Ian Wrigglesworth, recently ennobled, who talked about the need to raise aspiration in the North East. There was interesting praise for Ed Miliband on his decision to reform trade union funding (no doubt the local Labour dinosaurs will not be sharing in the praise). Ian also talked about how it would be nuts for the UK to leave the EU. Speculation about our future in Europe is damaging for business investment.

North East Lib Dem conference Nov 13 2
Other speakers included someone from Membership Dept in HQ talking about why our membership increased in the 3rd quarter. There was also a Parliamentary panel discussion focused on jobs with Lord Shipley, Ian Swales MP, Baroness Diana Maddock, Fiona Hall MEP, Angelika Schneider (prospective Euro candidate) and Alan Beith MP.

North East Lib Dem conference Nov 13 4   North East Lib Dem conference Nov 13 5   It was also Fiona Hall's last regional conference as MEP She retires at the next election so she was presented with flowers as a thank you from the region.

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