Monday, May 04, 2015

My shoes have met their end

All this canvassing and delivering has worn out my shoes. Sadly they are beyond repair. It will mean a trip to the shops to get replacements. At least they were worn out in a good cause (I appreciate that statement will not be shared by the Labour trolls who follow me!) The weekend left us a bit ahead of schedule. Other than one polling district, all our letters and leaflets to polling station voters in key wards are now out. The plan was to complete them by the end of today with any mop up operation taking place tomorrow.

This is what I delivered yesterday afternoon. I also delivered a few streets in Dunston that got left off the list on Saturday. Next stop Polling Day!

Sadly, I missed the mass Labour canvass in Dunston Hill and Whickham East on Saturday morning by about 5 minutes. We were having a street surgery which I left at 10.55am. Labour, including Leader of the Council Mick Henry, walked past a few minutes later. It's interesting to note they needed to pull in everyone to help out in a ward they are defending.

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