Monday, November 23, 2015

Helping in Millfield

Millfield Action Day Nov 15 (3)

In recent weeks in Gateshead we have held 4 action days to ensure a large team can deliver and canvass various wards. On Saturday however I headed out of Gateshead to neighbouring Sunderland where the local party was having an action day in Millfield ward. The team in Sunderland is small but made up of mainly new, young and enthusiastic members. It was an enthusiasm that was obvious from the moment I arrived.

Millfield Action Day Nov 15 (1)

They kindly gave me over 500 Focuses to deliver and one of the streets I had to do was called Ravensworth Street. As the Ravensworth country estate is partly in my ward (and was managed by my great grandfather Henry Wallace in the late Victorian period) I couldn't resist taking the above photo. The street is similar to most of the other streets I delivered - long terraces with no front gardens. This is delivery at its easiest! Later on I was sent into an estate that was so new that some of the houses were still being built and none of the streets was showing up on Google maps.

Millfield Action Day Nov 15 (2)

Niall Hodson is candidate for Millfield. If he and his campaign team continue along the course they have set themselves, there is a good chance he will be elected to Sunderland Council. We have no councillors in the city at the moment and we lost our last seat there in 2012, not that we had many in the first place. Re-establishing a foothold on the council will be a great boost for the Lib Dems.

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