Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Selfish one ruins it for everyone else

fly tipping Kindreds Wood Apr 16 1

Kindred Wood is on the edge of Sunniside, the village where I live and which I represent on Gateshead Council. The wood is popular with walkers and as a play area for kids. So you can understand the anger I felt - shared by many residents - that someone had taken it upon themselves to drag their wheelie bin to the woods and dump its contents there. Having spoken to constituents, I know a number of people witness the bin being moved.

I went with a constituent on Sunday evening to inspect the rubbish. We opened bags and found evidence of who originally generated the rubbish. This has been passed on to environmental health who themselves visited the site and sorted through more rubbish yesterday.

Fly tipping like this is completely unacceptable. Our woodlands, parklands and public spaces are not rubbish dumps. Anti-social individuals who dump their waste selfishly and irresponsibly, leaving it for the rest of the community to clear up, are pursued by Gateshead Council when evidence is recovered of who did the dumping. Culprits can expect a knock on the door.

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