Monday, August 14, 2006

At last, The Guardian has something supportive to say

Following the dismally thin coverage last week of the Lib Dem tax plans in The Guardian, at last today the newspaper has something supportive to say. The following leader speaks for itself:

“The party makes a compelling case: green taxes reached a peak of 3.6% of GDP in 1999 and have fallen to 2.9% thanks to a freeze on petrol tax. He party wants to reverse the trend, targeting air travel by taxing flights not individual passengers. But the policy document also offers a wider reappraisal of the purpose of taxation. Taxes are, it argues, “a limitation on freedom” that can be justified, not least because that can encourage equality and responsible behaviour. In short, the party thinks that requires fewer tax breaks for the rich and a simpler system for everyone. Both are a good direction to follow.”

Better late than never. Perhaps I won't be cancelling my subscription, at least not yet.

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