Friday, August 11, 2006

Is that a green tax or are you just pleased to see me?

A rather helpful comment on the Lib Dem tax plans launched today has come from Friends of the Earth's Head of Policy, Mike Childs. He said:

"The Liberal Democrats have thrown down a green gauntlet to Labour and the Conservatives with their new green taxation plans. They are very progressive measures to make doing the right thing for the environment also the right thing for your pocket. We very much welcome their plans for increasing taxation on gas guzzlers and aeroplanes because transport emissions continue to grow and threaten to wipe out gains made by other sectors. All the political parties have put climate change at the top of their agendas because of the massive threat climate change poses to people and the planet. The Conservatives and Labour need to follow through with equally progressive tax plans."

Given the wall-to-wall coverage of the terrorism issue, on the whole the media coverage of the launch has snatched a few page leads. The Guardian was a disappointment. On small paragraph. I seriously wonder whether it's worth continuing to buy this rag.

Best coverage I think is in the FT: "the party will today propose a package of reforms worth £18 bn a year that will squeeze the rich and penalise behaviour that is bad for the environment while benefitting families with incomes of up to £70,000.

"The tax changes are intended to strengthen the Lib Dem's environmental and socially progressive credentials while ditching their reputation as a tax-and-spend party."

Meanwhile, you've read the policy, now watch the video! Ed Davey interviewing Vince Cable on the party website:

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