Thursday, September 06, 2007

Comfortable win in Crystal Palace

News just in. We have comfortably held the Crystal Palace by-election. I have a slight element of interest in the result as it is where my London home is. Well done to the local team. Result is: Lab 537 Con 398 green 139 LD 1051.
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jonthanfryer said...

A well-deserved landslide. Tom Papworth will make an excellent councillor.

Robin Young said...

I am glad to have it confirmed that my impression from telephone canvassing was not over-optimistic. The late Cllr Chris Gaster was evidently held in high esteem and warm affection by many of the voters, and time and again I was told: "The Liberal Democrats are the only ones who do anything round here. We really appreciate their newsletters." Years of hard work lie behind this satisfactory and well earned result. Congratulations to Tom!Congratulations to all who helped.

Alex Wilcock said...

Fantastic news! I’m sure Tom’ll make a very impressive contribution on the council. Only one cloud: will it leave him any time to get back to blogging? ;-)