Monday, September 24, 2007

Here I am stuck in traffic

A few minutes makes all the difference between getting straight through to Newcastle and getting stuck in congestion. We are in the latter at the moment, stuck between Sunniside and Lobley Hill. Fortunately my train is not til 9am. And of course it is raining. A good start to the week!

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Brian.N.Peters said...

That would be due to the stupid traffic lights fitted at the top of lobley hill bank. Which had a perfectly good and safe pedestrian footbridge( I seem to remember). Something I think the Lib/Dims carried out a detailed survey of I believe. What was the outcome of that useless survey. Did you object to the demolition of a perfectly good crossing point.Or could you not see past the opportunity, to get more people's name on your mailing list for your poltical fast food menu that keeps dropping on the doormat. Just like the Lib/Dims. Failing to see the bigger picture. and the ramifications this has on every day life for most people.Keep up the good work Johnathan.I have now taken to putting my recycling box underneath my letter box,It saves time sorting out the rubbish from the downright tripe