Monday, November 05, 2007

How depressing: dark mornings and evenings

I got up at 6.40am and it was dark outside. So even with the clocks going back, I was greeted by darkness in the morning. It is daylight now as I stand here on the platform of Newcastle station waiting for my delayed train to London but it doesn't let us escape from the fact winter is approaching fast.

Last night when I was out collecting survey replies, at least I had people's private firework displays to keep me company, as I did on Saturday evening when I was in Dunston, one of our key wards. The survey we are doing is about recycling. As of last night, all 3800 houses in my ward have been surveyed and neighbouring wards are all plodding away with it.

The rest of the weekend had its usual array of fayres, site visits, focus deliveries, photo sessions and a meeting with the scout groups from Whickham about next year's fayres. Also three trips into the Team Valley area to help with some local campaigning.

And finally, I gathered in the last wild crop of the year - rosehips. I also found a wild apple tree still covered in fruit so I picked them. Last night I used them to make rosehip jelly. They will end up in a Lib Dem xmas fayre soon!

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