Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Labour MP savaged by Daily Mail

Yesterday I blogged about the embarrassingly bad intervention from Blaydon Labour MP Dave Anderson in the Commons debate on Northern Rock on Monday. It seems as though the press were deeply unimpressed by his performance as well. Quentin Letts of the Daily Mail wrote:

"The low point of the day in the chamber came from David Anderson (Lab, Blaydon), a man whose sparse Parliamentary talents are in contrast to his wibbly-wobbly girth. Mr Anderson was displeased by LibDem and Conservative criticisms of the government’s hugely expensive rescue operation for Northern Rock. 'The parties oppositve have a track record of not caring about jobs in the North East,' he cried. Mr Anderson wheezed that for this reason alone Labour must ‘ensure’ that the opposition never again won power. It is at such times that you wonder if modern democracy is really worth the candle. If Blaydon is to send such a dim flame to Westminster, what hope is there for Parliament?"

Perhaps a bit over the top and a touch unkind. But I post it up here for the benefit of readers of this blog who can come to their own judgement on Mr Anderson.


Anonymous said...

Sounds spot on to me!

Anonymous said...

And thank heavens for Vince Cable and Michael Fallon. Vince Cable is right to expose the government on Northern Rock. A friend of mine works for a bank which walked away from take over talks at an early stage. She tells me that the feedback from her bank's chief exec is that Northern Rock is heading for disaster.

I am led to believe that the Chancellor and Prime Minister both have morgages and investments with Northern Rock - interesting if true !
Ron Curry