Sunday, November 23, 2008

23 years

Yesterday marked 23 years David and I have been together. And as I am 45 tomorrow, that means we've been joined up for over half my life. Shockingly, we have now been together longer than some of the interns in our office at Cowley St have been alive. That must make me seen exceptionally old to them!

I am in Rowlands Gill now, having just finished a couple of leaflet patches. David is back home making a couple of cakes for me to take to work tomorrow for all those young people to have to celebrate the fact I am only 5 years away from being able to go on a Saga holiday!

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Alex Wilcock said...


Congratulations to you both (Richard and I are only on 14, as of last month, but Doctor Who's hit 45 today, so we've been celebrating that)!

And a very happy birthday to you for tomorrow.