Sunday, November 23, 2008

My post office picture

I wanted to post up this picture to illustrate a small victory over Labour in my village of Sunniside. Labour declared that putting a cash machine into the village post office would lead to the end of the world, plague, pestilence and so on as an explanation for refusing planning permission for the machine. Well, here is the machine, suitably installed, despite the best efforts of the Labour party to prevent it happening. The Council lost the appeal, Labour managed to avoid forcing the closure of the village post office and the machine has now been installed, to the general pleasure of the village who can now have 24 hour, free to use access to their cash for the first time. The fact the world financial system came close to collapse during the installation of the cash machine is, I understand, just a coincidence!
We held this ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the installation of the machine. Pictured above are me, Paul Mein, (Sunniside Post Master cutting the ribbon)) and Councillors John McClurey, Marilynn Ord and Peter Maughan.
Peter is our Blaydon Parliamentary Candidate. After this ribbon cutting ceremony (it happened last weekend) we headed off to the village of Lamesley for the church fair. We were seen and plenty chatted to us. Somehow Peter managed to win 2 raffle prizes. I won nothing.

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