Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Facepacks and Father Ted

There is something rather irritating about having to sit next to someone on the train who is busy putting their makeup on. Elbows and arms flying because they didn't get round to doing these things before they left the house. Whatever next? Perhaps people end up having a wash or getting dressed on the train!

Rant over, especially since I have just moved seats.

I was amused this morning by one of the performances on GMTV. 3 priests had formed a group. I think they called themselves "The Priests" but can't be sure of that. But the whole thing struck me as being like something from Father Ted and I was reminded of the edition when Ted and Dougal were in the competition be become the Irish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest!

Anyway, good luck to The Priests though I think it unlikely I will be buying their cd.

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