Friday, November 27, 2009

National Express bites the dust again

So National Express is to lose its franchise for train services in the eastern region. The company's foray into train services has been a disaster and has turned a leading UK company into something of a joke. What is interesting about the loss of this second franchise is that it is not immediate. The company will continue to hold onto it for two years? If they are seen as incapable of running the service in the future, why are they allowed to run services for two years more? Presumably their failings are happening now, regardless of their future performance.
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Mark Valladares said...


Ironically, this comment comes to you from the 14.00 service from Kings Cross to Aberdeen...

Strangely enough, the truncation of the franchise doesn't appear to be linked to breaches in the performance criteria. I am led to understand that it is in part punishment for 'handing back the keys' on the East Coast line, and brings the renewal process into line with that for the Fenchurch Street line, also part run by National Express. I suspect that the two franchises will be merged into one in 2011.

They are, apart from timekeeping and reliability, rubbish all the same...