Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Weapons of non-construction

The second day of the Iraq inquiry and it is already throwing up some very interesting issues. Today we learnt that the weapons of mass destruction that did not exist anyway could not be assembled to be used in the infamous 45 minutes claimed for them. Apparently Tony Blair knew this 10 days before the start of the war to get rid of the non-existent weapons of mass destruction. Seems as though the war had taken on a life of its own, even before it started.

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Anonymous said...

Councillor Wallace,
Greetings sir; I found your blog today and wished to share with you how enjoyable it is. Your pictures, recipes, and colorful descriptions of your endeavors to be self-sustainable are encouraging. I initially found your blog because you have listed yourself as interested in politics. While I am a bit unaware of some of your posts concerning your more local politics there in the UK, I see you keep yourself involved, educated, and passionate. I have never visited your country though I would like to, and have often wondered how the average citizen views your cousin across the pond. I look forward to your continued postings so I might better glean how the actions of the state are carried out by a far more experienced country than my own.