Sunday, June 13, 2010

North East Regional Conference

Yesterday was the North East Regional Conference in Gateshead. It was a bit too short notice after the election to have a Lib Dem government minister speak to us (isn't it great to be able to speak of Lib Dem ministers!?). We did have Hilary Stevenson, the party's director of campaigns, speak in the final session.

Alan Beith reported that the Parliamentarians from the North East - himself, Ian Swales, and peers Redesdale, Maddock and soon to be appointed Shipley - are to form a group to lobby for the interests of the region.

I had to miss the workshops that were held to head off to Swalwell Park for the official opening of the play area. I had to leave that before the mayor arrived (he was late) and since I had offered to do some photos for the council, I left my camera with an officer who took them instead. My camera was then passed down a chain of people and arrived back at my house in the evening.

I am now on the Metro heading to Tynemouth to meet some historian friends of mine. I'll be discussing the Washingwell Roman Fort with Professor Norman McCord for a video I am planning to shoot shortly. More about that on another day.
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