Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Suits you

In years gone by, my suit was worn on an almost daily basis. From my days as a trainee Marks and Spencer manager, to the time when I was based in an office at the former Lib Dem HQ of Cowley Street, suit wearing was the norm. With those days behind me, most people now expect to see me in my wellies and scruffy clothes I wear for mucking out the goats or digging up potatoes. The suit is dusted down for council meetings and occasional other events.

Alas, yesterday was one of those special events - though in reality it was just a photo shoot for a Focus newsletter. Given all the rain we have had recently, it was a pleasant experience to be able to feed my livestock early in the morning without getting a soaking from the rain. I then slipped into the suit and headed down to Blaydon for the photos. I arrived just as the rain did. It lasted as long as we were there. The moment I got home, the rain stopped. The suit was hung up to dry and I got back into my gardening kit ready to clean out my duck house. It seems as though the weather is not my greatest friend at the moment, though this probably won't stop the "socialist" comrades of the Labour party blaming the Lib Dems for the floods.

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