Sunday, January 19, 2014

Working the patch in Gateshead

Despite the rain, yesterday was a good campaign day in Gateshead. We piled in to Low Fell and Chowdene wards, both just outside Blaydon constituency. I ended up delivering Focuses in the morning, did photos at lunchtime and door knocking in the afternoon.

I appear however to have been excused from deliveries in Lobley Hill and Dunston Hill. The latest edition of Focus started being delivered there last week but the delivery teams in both wards are coping without my having to wear out my own shoe leather. Meanwhile, I still have some Focuses left to deliver in Blaydon ward. We'll complete that job shortly.

My next job however is almost done. My next edition of eFocus is almost ready to be emailed out. The target is to send it out tonight. No shoe leather required! Just press the button!

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