Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Friends of Chase Park fair

Friends of Chase Park in Whickham invited me to bring some of my animals to their first Easter fair which was held on Saturday 5th April. Bill Quay Community Farm was invited as well and we shared the "animal" gazebo together. BQF brought rabbits and Welsh Harlequin ducklings (I have some eggs of this breed which I bought from BQF last month in my incubator which are due to hatch next week). I brought 21 quail chicks which hatched last month. All the animals were popular with visitors.

The fair was due to open at 1pm. I was there at 11am and for a time we thought it was going to be a washout - literally as the rain was quite heavy. However, by 1pm, the rain had stopped and the visitors started arriving.

I sold some of my eggs and jams, enough to make a small donation to the Friend's coffers. I was also able to promote the Marley Hill Community Centre monthly cafe and craft market.

The next Chase Park event is the annual May Fair (being held in June this year!) I am likely to be there again with livestock as well.

My colleague Cllr Peter Craig helping to dismantle the gazebos and tents at the end of the event. Peter helped to set up Friends of Chase Park a few years ago.

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