Sunday, April 13, 2014

Left on the shelf

One of my proposals for Marley Hill Community Centre was to set up a community library and 2nd hand book shop. We have no money at all to create this venture so we are completely reliant on donations of books and equipment. We were given 5 large cupboards by Gateshead Civic Centre and have received a number of books from residents (including a good part of my collection of history books). The Civic Centre also gave us some spare shelves though they were not made to fit the cupboards they gave us. So on Friday, Cllr John McClurey and I took electric saws and drills to the community centre and cut the shelves to size. The before and after pictures can be seen above and below.

We have now run out of brackets for the remaining three cupboards. John will make some more. We are not sure yet when we will open the library in its own right but the cupboards will be opened as part of the Easter Monday events in the Community Centre on 21st April.

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