Sunday, June 14, 2015

Journal unimpressed by Labour leadership hopefuls

The Newcastle Journal is part of the Trinity Mirror Group and is therefore in the Labour camp. It follows the internal machinations of the Labour party to a degree that is irritating to people like me who are not Labour supporters. In a region that is currently predominantly Labour, the Journal is arguably part of the establishment in the North East. It's views therefore on the Labour leadership candidates are of some interest.

The Journal wants David Miliband back. That is not going to happen. It's editorial on Friday, 12th June, lamented his absence from Parliament. His decision to head to New York was taken as "his continuing presence in the Commons was something that would not help Ed Miliband or the Labour party." This decision was "all for nought." The editorial goes on to say, "[it] is a pity, because it does not feel like the candidates on offer in this leadership battle - though all of them are worthy - are just a little bit second best."

Kind of says it all.

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