Monday, June 15, 2015

Stargate surgery

My colleague, Cllr Christine McHatton, has been ill recently. She is recovering now but I agreed to do her surgery at Stargate Community Centre on Saturday. It was expected to be a quiet surgery though I did have one person in - to discuss cycling issues. Inevitably the conversation got on to my self-sufficiency lifestyle. I have plans to get a bike so that I can be free of the need to get the bus or use the land rover especially for short journeys such as those to the civic centre. Sadly, I haven't got round to getting the bike yet but I have worked out the route I will take to the council HQ once I have my 2 wheels. The Tanfield Railway cycle route goes past Sunniside down to the Teams so half the journey can be done off-road. Most of the rest of the journey can be done on minor roads with only the last section on a busy main road.

Now that I have had the conversation with Christine's constituent, my determination to get a bike has been reinvigorated. Hopefully, within a few weeks, I'll be on my bike.

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