Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Trip to the Tanfield Railway

Sunniside History Stand at Tanfield Sept 15 2

Earlier this month it was Heritage Weekend during which local heritage attractions were promoted. I helped run a stand at the Tanfield Railway for the Sunniside History Society, of which I am deputy chairman.

We have also been organising a trip for members and residents to visit the Tanfield Railway on Sunday 4th October. There will also be a BBQ in the main shed. A vintage bus has been booked to take some of the visitors (we had only 64 places on it so the remaining 23 guests are making their own way to Tanfield).

We have now had to stop taking further bookings. Sorry if you were wanting tickets but hadn't booked. With 87 guests, we will be quite busy in the day.

Sunniside History Stand at Tanfield Sept 15 1

(photo courtesy of Alan Guest, Sunniside History Society Secretary)

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