Saturday, September 19, 2015

What's different at Conference this time

Bournemouth Lib Dem conference Sept 15 1

Well, here I am, back in Bournemouth for Lib Dem autumn conference. I was last in Bournemouth over 6 years ago when I was working for the party and I was last at autumn conference in 2012. So for me it's a bit of catch up. With our newly diminished, non-government status, we no longer have a small crowd of protesters to serenade us as we go into the conference centre. No more ear bashing from whinging "socialists" who love the sound of their own voices. And gone too are the metal detecting machines. I offered to open my camera bag for checking but sadly my offer was turned down by the smaller-than-previously number of security officers. Also in short supply are people in suits. My suit is not here either. I'm wearing clothes that have previously seen action on my allotment though thoughtfully I had them cleaned before coming here. So I won't be going round smelling of goat!

Conference started for me with a consultation session about the general election campaign in which some people got up and said nice things about the manifesto and some people took the opportunity to say, well, not so nice things about the campaign!

Sal Brinton Sept 15

Then came Sal Brinton's formal opening of conference. I say "formal" - more a pleasant, informal chat to set the scene for the days ahead.

So watch this space. I'm armed with cameras. Anyone in my vicinity has therefore been warned! Expect lots of pics to be posted up.

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