Sunday, October 11, 2015

Action Day in Dunston Hill and Lobley Hill

Dunston action day Oct 15 3

We had another action day today in Gateshead, this time in Dunston Hill and Lobley Hill, though a team also got sent into Whickham to deliver our latest Focus. I went door-knocking in both Lobley Hill and Dunston Hill. Quite a positive response from most people. Only one person was rude. Another said he didn't support us but was terribly nice about it. One person said we must be rubbing our hands with glee at the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader. Others in Dunston Hill expressed disappointment that we just missed taking the seat from Labour in May by 23 votes.

Dunston action day Oct 15 2

Action days in Gateshead always come with a good lunch.

Dunston action day Oct 15 1

Cllr Peter Maughan and I with copies of our residents' survey. According to Connect, the five of us who were door knocking called at over 300 houses throughout the day. Not bad.

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