Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Delivering the Watergate Estate

Delivering Watergate Estate June 16

I was in London over the weekend to sort out some business so yesterday I was doing a bit of catch up in campaigning for the Lib Dem Remain campaign. I headed down to the Watergate Estate in Whickham to deliver 370 of our Focuses, which contain a call to vote Remain. Thankfully there are lots of terraces on the Estate so I was able to get it done in less than 2 hours. Alas, I had jokes from colleagues about delivering the Cornmoor Rd patch which in terms of numbers is one third the size. But as each house comes with its own very long drive, the time required to deliver the patch is substantial. And last night, due to the persuasive powers of Cllr Peter Maughan, I agreed to deliver the Cornmoor patch. The bundle of leaflets arrived this morning, along with a 2nd, for delivery in Dunston. I think I know what I'm doing this afternoon.

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