Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Missing the planting day

bee swarm June 16 3

I was due to go to Whickham at 10am on Sunday morning to help in a planting day hosted by Planting Up Whickham. I was all ready to go and popped into my allotment to get some tools, only to find a swarm of bees in the hedge. I had to deal with it straight away, not an easy job given I have to cut the branches from around the swarm. By about 11am the swarm was in my swarm box. I could go late to the planting up session....except at that point I found a second swarm in our hedge.

My apologies to colleagues in Planting Up Whickham but I probably had the most original excuse for not attending.

bee swarm June 16 2

bee swarm June 16 1

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