Monday, January 07, 2008

It's a long time since I did this journey

The last time I travelled to London on an earlyish Monday morning was in mid November. I have forgotten what a drag it can be to get up so early to experience dark, cold mornings and the joys of National Express operated trains, (the successor to GNER). We are passing Durham now and the sky only just has a hint of daylight.

Lack of daylight also restricted what I could do on the allotments yesterday. Getting 2 derelict allotments back into use is not the easiest of Mission Impossibles! The one I worked on yesterday belongs to our friend Glenys but she is hoping for a large amount of help from us to get it working. I spent yesterday chopping back a gigantic hedge along one side of the allotment. It was almost akin to something from Sleeping Beauty, complete with large thorns (my hands are still painful!) And probably hasn't been touched for 100 years as well. At least now however we have a good supply of logs!

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