Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yesterday, Cameron - Conway staying put. Today, Cameron - Conway is dumped

The Derek Conway affair has just taken a sudden and interesting turn.

Yesterday, according to the Daily Mail, a spokesman for Tory Leader David Cameron said, "Derek Conway has apologised fully on the floor of the House. The Whip will not be withdrawn. The proper punishment has been administered."

Today, a Tory press release crosses my desk with Cameron saying, “The usual procedure in these cases is to leave the punishment to the House of Commons authorities, however, having asked the Chief Whip to speak again to Mr Conway and having personally reflected overnight I have decided to withdraw the Conservative Whip from Mr Conway.”

Is this the fastest u-turn so far this year?


Anonymous said...

A u-turn, but the right thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Have to admit Cameron made the right decsion after thinking about it last night. We shouldn't be ashamed to say so when he does. If any of our MP's acted in such a way I hope Clegg would do exactly the same.

Kevin Scott said...

Wasn't he a Gateshead councillor some years back?

Anonymous said...

yes he was a gateshead council and also led the Tories on the former Tyne and Wear County Council