Saturday, February 27, 2010

The calm before the storm

I am due in Oxfordshire tomorrow to do a set of photos for one of the constituencies there. Inevitably, I have been paying attention to the weather forecasts. Typically, a massive storm is on its way. It is somewhere over the Iberian Peninsula at the moment but it is expected to hit southern England tomorrow. So I am likely to get rather wet.

Currently it is patchy sun. The calm before the storm.

Talking of calm before the storm, for the first time ever the Conservatives have put out a leaflet outside an election in Blaydon constituency. Actually, come to think of it, they never normally put out leaflets even during local elections in Blaydon either.

Anyway, it's an 8 page leaflet all about the local links of the candidate (well, a bit about the local links and the rest about the Tories nationally). Alas, I can reveal however that the candidate actually lives over 400km from Blaydon in Tunbridge Wells. It inspires headlines about "Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells".

He complains in his leaflet that Blaydon is "dominated by the Lib Dem - Labour political machines". It sounds like an admission of no Tory action in the area. Anyway, I doubt this candidate will be looking to sweep to victory. His party scored a whopping 8% here at the last general election. Tory efforts will be directed at places like Tynemouth instead.

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