Saturday, February 06, 2010

One million viewings on YouTube

Well, I have hit the milestone. One million viewings of my videos on YouTube. Or to be precise, 1,000,012.

So if you want to boost my viewings (and my advertising revenue as well!) visit my channel at

My top video is "Inside a former secret, Soviet, submarine base" which I filmed inside a nuclear bomb proof submarine bunker inside a mountain in the Crimea, Ukraine, in 2006. It has 142,507 viewings, boosted by its status as a YouTube featured video.

Number 2 is the video I shot on the London Eye. I filmed this on a cheap Casio camera that had no microphone. Viewing figures are 138,125.

Number 3 is Copacabbana Beach in Rio de Janiero where I also happened to film the QEII sailing out into the Atlantic. 85,936 viewings.

Number 4 is now the fastest rising on my site. Burj al Arab hotel in Dubai. It's the world's only 7 star hotel. Alas, I wasn't staying there. 63,665 viewings.

Number 5 is "Santiago de Cuba", filmed in 2006 in Cuba. 35,416 viewings.

Number 6 is "View from the Petronas Towers" which I filmed from the Skybridge between the two towers, 43 storeys up. If you are ever in Kuala Lumpur, they are worth a visit. 20,178 viewings.

Number 7 is "Gauchos and Horse Riding" which I filmed on a ranch in Argentina in 2005. 17,085 viewings.

Number 8 is "New York at Night from the Empire State Building" which was recently become a YouTube featured video. 16,017 viewings but likely to rise faster now. I filmed this in 2003though only more recently added it to YouTube.

Number 9 is "Cruise on the Nile" which I filmed in January 2005. Whilst everyone was freezing back in Britain, I was getting hot with the camera in temperatures of 30C! 15,801 viewings.

And number 10 is "Pyramids and the Sphinx", filmed in November 2004. 14,606 viewings.

So, it seems my travel videos are getting many more viewings that my gardening, cooking, self-sufficiency and political videos.

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Anonymous said...

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