Monday, February 08, 2010

Student fees: an interesting example of Labour forgetting their own decisions

In my occasional monitoring of what candidates from other parties are saying, I came across this video from Labour's Luke Pollard who is contesting what is for Labour the no hope seat of Devon South West. It is about a meeting hosted by the National Union of Students on the issue of tuition fees.

Mr Pollard is joined by Linda Gilroy, a Labour MP in Plymouth. Judging by what both said, any viewer would be forgiven for thinking tuition fees had nothing to do with Labour and that the Labour government was on the brink of a vast reform that will sweep away the problems created by charging students for their education. It certainly doesn't sound like a party that created the system in the first place.


John said...

You have to admit one thing Jonathan - he's dead fit.

Colin Taylor said...

" ... 89 days to go before the general election ... " - he should know, but should he have said?