Friday, March 14, 2014

Our next action day in Gateshead

Tomorrow will see the latest in a series of action days in Gateshead. Lib Dem campaigners will be delivering, door knocking and wearing out the shoe leather in two neighbouring wards - Dunston Hill and Whickham East (Labour are defending from 2nd place in May) and Lobley Hill and Bensham which is normally a strongly Labour ward which they came close to losing to us in the last decade. Since then their majority has firmed up but we intend turning the situation around again.

Focuses will be delivered across both wards. In Lobley Hill we are concentrating mainly on the issue of proposals for opencast mining. There are two applications, one in my ward at Marley Hill and the other at Birklands in Lamesley ward but right on the border with my ward. Both proposals would, if approved, send the heavy lorries right through the middle of Lobley Hill. We are running petitions against the applications.

Angelika Schneider and Owen Temple, two of our European spokesmen, have backed our campaign. At our last action day a couple of weeks ago I took this group shot at the top of Lobley Hill Bank. This is on the route the opencast lorries will take if the applications are approved.

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