Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring conference photos

I had lots to do back home so I was only able to get to Lib Dem spring conference on Saturday. As it was in York, I could catch a train first thing in the morning and then return in the evening. The train journey itself is an hour. One day attendance meant I missed Nick Clegg's speech that closed conference but I was able to catch his Q&A on Saturday afternoon.

Meanwhile, outside the conference, and barely noticed by anyone, was the usual demonstration by a ragbag of different causes, all demanding vast sums of cash be spent. Numbers however were very thin on the ground.

Meanwhile, back indoors, there were plenty of people attending conference.

As I was only doing the one day at conference, I decided not to do any official photography. Nevertheless, I snapped a few of the great and the good around the York Barbican Centre.

We are of course, the party of "IN".

And this is what the conference is all about. Voting on policy. Apparently, other parties still have a bit of a difficulty with that.

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