Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Back to the 60s

We had a meeting of the Lighting Up Whickham committee last night to kick start the arrangements for the next Whickham Community Festival. We have chosen Saturday 4th July as the date but the main discussion was around the theme. We had had some discussion by email in advance and I had suggested pets and animals. I would have gone for a history theme but since I have successfully pushed for the past two festivals to commemorate historic events and periods, I thought I would be pushing my luck to get a 3rd historic theme.

In the end however, someone suggested the 60s as a theme and we decided to go with that. We will be able to dust down our hippy outfits and engage in a bit of flower power. It was also agreed however that we have a pets competition and, assuming my goats have given birth by then, I'll bring along the babies for people to see. (The drawback is that moving the goats requires a large amount of DEFRA form-filling.) Someone also suggested we have jam and baking competitions for residents. As I have lots of experience of going in for these competitions at agricultural shows throughout the North East, I was given the job of drawing up some ideas and proposals for these competition. Sadly, that will preclude me from entering.

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