Thursday, January 08, 2015

Whickham Lib Dem Councillors' annual report - the musical!

I decided to have a go at putting the 7 Whickham Lib Dem Councillors' 2014 annual report to residents into a more interesting format. The inspiration for what I eventually produced came from Facebook and Google+ who automatically generated reviews of the year using uploaded photos. The Google+ version went one step further and added the music I use for the introduction and credits on my self-sufficiency webcasts.

As there are 7 councillors and 2 further activists to include, much had to be left out. This video is really intended to give a flavour of the work the Lib Dem Focus team does in the 3 Whickham wards and in Lobley Hill and Bensham ward.

So, here it is - Carry on Councillor: the Musical!

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