Saturday, January 10, 2015

Campaigning in Dunston Hill

The snow started to fall just after the ward surgery in Dunston this morning but at 11am we met up to do a bit of campaigning against Labour's greenbelt grab. Labour want to take a section of land out of the greenbelt to the south of Whickham Highway and allow it to be used for over 500 executive homes. Lib Dems have been fighting these plans since they were first announced. The problem is that as Labour have such a large majority on the Council, on this issue they will get their own way. The battle on this is just about over and sadly, it is one Labour have won. Interestingly, Labour have tried to claim they are against their own plans, a trick they tried to pull in the Ryton area as well.

The photo above was taken this morning in Watergate Park, next to where Labour want their homes for the rich. Left to right, Kevin McClurey, me, Cllr Chris Ord.

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