Thursday, February 12, 2015

Lady Penelope’s Pink Mystery Machine

Labour have been slated today for taking onto the road a pink van to attract the female vote. Variously described as patronising and sending out the wrong message, to me it looks like a cross between Lady Penelope’s pink Rolls Royce and the Mystery Machine, the van from Scooby Doo. Whether it will work in attracting the votes of women or not is yet to be seen. I would have thought putting that awful Harriet Harpoon in charge of it probably means the road to socialism will be scorched with skid marks from hand brake uturns brought on by the need to abandon unrealistic policies. There will, of course, be lots of socialist pot holes ready to wreck the suspension of the vehicle. And watch out for the road to socialism being permanently blocked by an overturned milibandwaggon.

I wonder what colour I should paint my Land Rover for the election? It’s usual colour is natural mud with a hint of goat poo. That could certainly help me get the “good life” vote! The photo above however shows it in a surprisingly clean condition.

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