Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Marley Hill Pancake Cafe

Last night we held a pancake cafe in Marley Hill Community Centre. It was one of a number of events we are organising to make fuller use of the building. We held a similar event there last year which was modestly successful. Last night, we were run off our feet for 3 solid hours. The main hall was full of kids using the play equipment. The bar was opened up (we have a new license) but when all the tables were in use we had to set up additional ones, and everyone coming in seemed to have a great time.

The event was mainly for young families - and many turned up. However, there was a full age range of people there. And they consumed more pancakes than we care to mention! This is definitely an event to repeat next year.

We used eggs laid by our hens to make the batter but unfortunately, we are not yet able to use our goats milk for anyone other than ourselves. We will be registering soon with environmental health so that we can be inspected and, assuming we come up to the required standards, we will begin selling our milk and cheese. In the meantime, pancakes in the cafe had to be made using milk purchased from the local supermarket.

The aftermath!

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