Saturday, September 17, 2016

Off to Conference

Jonathan Wallace on train Sept 16

Lib Dem Conference started this morning in Brighton and I am here to soak up the politics and enjoy the sun (and rain). I came down to London yesterday. I'm staying in my flat, commuting down to Brighton each day as it is much cheaper than getting a hotel!

I arrived at Brighton this morning. Most conversations I've had so far have been about my goats! Lib Dems are obviously more interested in them than me!

tea at Brighton conference Sept 16

Anyway, now is the time for my annual rant about the price of tea at conference. This thimble size cup of tea cost me £1.80. That's three quarters what I charge for a jar of my homemade jam! And my jam tastes much nicer! To compensate, I will have to find a fringe meeting at lunchtime that has a free buffet!

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