Saturday, June 30, 2007

Caution: contents may be hot

I hate getting the last train out to London to Newcastle but I had little choice today, or rather yesterday. The journey starts at 10pm and is then interrupted at York where we all have to transfer to another train. I am currently on the York at Newcastle leg of the journey. Due in to Newcastle about 2am.

I have just purchased a cup of tea from the trolley. It counts as one of the worst I have ever consumed. It was barely warm. Rather laughably, the warning on the side said "Caution: contents may be hot." Hah! If only.
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Joe Taylor said...

I've been tempted to take cups of tea back on trains before. Usually with an exclamation of "how can you get tea wrong!?"

I will, however, miss the free tea and coffee on Midland Mainline (which is usually excellent) when they get kicked out in favour of Stagecoach...