Thursday, June 21, 2007

It upsets Labour more than Lib Dems!

I have previously argued that the so called offer of government posts to the Lib Dems by Brown was little more that an attempt to spin a story by some Brownites that their guy is a nice, cuddly, consensus politician wanting to rid the country of tribal politics. The events of today make me feel even more justified in making the claim.

It also shows that Brown, like Blair, has little concern for his party members. Whilst some Labour activists I have the dubious pleasure of encountering are duplicitous wanabees who have little to offer the world (they view the Labour party as a way of getting on in life) they nevertheless must be feeling their unelected leader Generalisimo Brown has no time for them. They have not been consulted on a significant proposal for their party to enter what was effectively a coalition, when no coalition is needed - Labour after all has a clear working majority.

If I were a Labour member, and I thought Brown was being serious in the offer to the Lib Dems, I would be wondering what the hell the Leader was up to. Indeed, I have heard that today from one Labour member myself. And you can imagine what the old Labour dinosaurs in the Labour Jurassic Park in the North East are thinking as well. Much of it would be unpublishable!

And whilst I thiink our own system that we as a party have to go through to agree a coalition is madly byzantine and gruesomely slow, I still accept some need for the leader to take the party with him. Yet over in the Labour Party Generalisimo Brown treats his troops with contempt.

Mind you, pity poor Peter Hain. Well at least spare him a thought even if you can't bring yourself to pity him. He wakes up this morning to find Brown has offered his job to Paddy Ashdown!

And finally, how will all this play with the electorate? Frankly, not too badly for us. We can show everyone wants us! Cameron wants us, at least in London, to get rid of Not So Red Ken. And now Gordon wants us as well. So if our opponents want us what about the voters?!

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