Sunday, June 17, 2007

A few photos from the past couple of weeks

It's the jam making season and Cowley St are expecting a regular supply. So we cropped all the rhubard from the allotment to make 27 jars of rhubard and ginger jam. Later I picked 3 kg of gooseberries from the allotment to make 13 jars of gooseberry and elderflower jam.
We've restocked our pond with goldfish.
My aunt Carol was over from New Zealand so the Family went out for dinner. That's my accommodation sorted in New Zealand. The problem now is finding the time to go!
David fell asleep after a long day in the allotment. Freda, our cat, decided to use him as a bed!
The allotment itself. As you can see, having just taken it on, it needs a great deal of work doing to it!

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